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My music has appeared in hundreds of films, some award-winning. On this page are a few of my favourite comments from filmmakers of all kinds who've used my commissioned and freely available music.

From simple instrumental pieces to complex themes and songs... always exactly what I require, plus more... people have offered high praise many times on the soundtracks... ranging from average audience members, to financing body project managers and board members... his wide-ranged abilities as a composer... helped make my films the best they can be.

It felt like when I was a child and I was running and snowflakes fallin down oh..wow so magic

This sounds like Resident Evil. Love it.

Thank you MASSIVELY. I listened to literally about 20 tunes and as each played I knew within seconds was it OK. Then yours, & I held on, listened more, then found it was just fine. THANKS HEAPS what you do

I love this! Reminds me of an empty feeling, desolation... An incredible piece.

Such richness and depth... Thank you so very much.

This is wonderfully atmospheric, and would be perfect as a bed for a short story piece I'm working on. Many thanks.

Wuunderbar - danke.

I wish i had a scale of 100 at least////superb!!!

Superbe création , vraiment originale et très bien conçue.

Félicitations !

Brilliant sound! Done a great job there fella

I love this! Keep working. Let us know when your movie comes out!

Heyyy keeepppp going foward!, dont event look back, you are gifted man. Thanks a lot, i will spread the voice!!!!

Great sound very relaxing. Thanks

OMG that's nice