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Life Goes On

Scott Lawson's debut film

A set of storylines set in Tasmania's capital, Hobart, a mix of scripted and unscripted dialogue.
Imaginary Band: title track and incidental music

Forced Impressions

a short film

The second of Scott Lawson's films.
Imaginary Band: music and incidentals

Dark Decisions

from Screen Tasmania

Directed By Scott Lawson. While camping with his girlfriend and best mate, James awakens to them in an "intimate" embrace. He could stay or confront them, or leave and start a new journey. From a life altering snap decision, James moves to a new city to start a new life. Escaping those who betrayed him. Will he find new love? Or will he be forever controlled by his fears and desires. Dark Decisions was filmed in May 2005 and funded by Screen Tasmania.
Imaginary Band: soundtrack

Jimmy's List

a serial killer on the loose

Directed By Scott Lawson. Jimmy wakes up one day to news that a girl he spent the night with has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Jimmy's recollection of the night is very vague. Set in Banff, Canada
Imaginary Band: soundtrack

"From simple instrumental pieces to complex themes and songs... always exactly what I require, plus more. In the time I’ve been working with [Imaginary Band] people have offered high praise many times on the soundtracks to my films, ranging from average audience members, to financing body project managers and board members. Through his wide-ranged abilities as a composer, he has helped make my films the best they can be." - Scott Lawson, Director

Alone (CZ)

Incidental music and track The Kill featured in Alone, an indie Czech Republic zombie movie (2013)

Targa Tasmania Southern Cross TV Documentary & Commercial Video

Tracks (2000)

Targa Tasmania Commercial Video

Soundtrack (1999)

...more to come


"It's obvious that there is musical talent in abundance here... not just technically but emotionally... shades of David Gray"

"Easy to work with... a truly pro-active problem solver with music... thinks creatively on his feet, delivers immediate solutions... very impressed by his own material... very catchy with obvious commerciality while maintaining artistry & originality... we'd definitely recommend to music hunters"

 "A hugely versatile artist... great vocal ability & professional approach... [we've] been played by some of the highest profile DJ's"